Introducing our cutting-edge endoscopy systems – revolutionizing gastroscopy. Advanced technology for precise detection, easy-to-use interface, enhanced patient comfort, and efficient workflows. Empowering medical professionals to deliver the best care for gastrointestinal disorders. Embrace the future of endoscopy today!

Video endoscopy system
Experience the PLAYMRA STV-100, an innovative compact system that sets new standards. With advanced technology and a comfortable, cost-efficient design, it offers high-quality performance, taking you one step ahead in exploration.
Video endoscopy system
The STV-200, revolutionized the field of endoscopy by introducing the cutting-edge Optical Chromoendoscopy technique. This groundbreaking system holds the distinction of being the first high-definition (HD) endoscopy system with independent intellectual property rights. Its primary objective is to extend early cancer diagnosis and treatment capabilities to hospitals worldwide.
Laser Endoscopy
FHD Laser Endoscopy System
An all-in-one, advanced video endoscopy, Pioneering the world's first laser communication application in the field of endoscopy. Continuing to enhance safety standards for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment.
Video Endoscopy
4k-UHD Video Endoscopy System
Innovative advancement in endoscopy is achieved with the PLAMYRA STV-400 platform. Upgraded imaging, staining, maneuverability, and intelligence make it an advanced and high-end solution for endoscopic diagnosis and disease management.