Plamyra 4k-UHD Advanced Video Endoscopy System

Innovative advancement in endoscopy is achieved with the PLAMYRA STV-400 platform. Upgraded imaging, staining, maneuverability, and intelligence make it an advanced and high-end solution for endoscopic diagnosis and disease management.

Enhanced Color Precision:

  • Fine-Tuned According To Saturation, Hue, And Lightness
  • Image Processing Minimizes Color Errors.

Wide Color Gamut:

  • Expanded color gamut
  • Restore true-to-life color

Expansive Medical Monitor:

  • 55/32-inch super large display
  • Smooth, smear-free endoscopic
  • image display with rapid response

4 CBI (compound-band imaging) modes on 5LED

Experience the revolutionary capabilities of CBI spectroscopic dyeing with our latest innovation. Our advanced system features a high-brightness, independently controllable 5LED light source, enabling the “white light + 4 CBI” multi-spectral dyeing mode. By employing spectral staining, our technology enhances the visual contrast between normal tissues and lesions, significantly improving the detection rate of minute abnormalities. Prepare to push the boundaries of diagnostic precision with our cutting-edge solution.

High Compatibility

Compatibility with gastrointestinal endoscopes, laryngoscopes, and bronchoscopes Increase Equipment usage efficiency.

STV400 Scopes

compatibility image