4K imaging chain@60fps,BT.2020 wide color gamut,Intelligent exposure,Low glare light helps to reduce eyestrain,Customized configuration for different discipline application,12-bit color depth,4K one-click recording


Diving into Details for a Brighter Future:. To meet the growing demand for super clear endoscopy and to enabling medical professionals to deliver the highest level of care to their patients. STYKER launched the new 4K Electronic Endoscopy System, STK-400, in 2022. which utilizes independent 4K Ultra-High-Definition endoscopic camera technology providing native ultra-high-definition surgical imaging for a truly immersive experience. This system provides colorful, sharp, and clear images, advancing endoscopy technology

  • these advancements aim to revolutionize conventional minimally invasive endoscopic procedures and enhance the standard of patient care.
  • With our system, healthcare professionals can focus on delivering the highest level of care to their patients, while our advanced technology takes care of the rest.

Ultra HD 4K Output

Using a lossless high-definition digital interface, 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels) technology is four times that of ordinary high-definition, with wider color gamut, and more accurate texture and tissue identification.

Auto Focus

Using the world's leading autofocus algorithm technology, the colors of organs and tissues are truly restored without repeated focusing.

3-200mm Large Depth of Field

Together with styker endoscope, the camera system brings large depth of field of 3-200mm, which makes the image brighter and clearer, and you can observe clear images at different distances during the procedure.

Special Imaging Mode

Besides standard natural white images, we offer additional 5 different digital algorithms to present. These algorithms could help to identify tissues in certain circumstances, and to precisely observe the fine structure of the lesions and changes in vascular.

DCE - Detail Enhancement

DAI - Dark Area Improvement

HLS - Highlight Suppression

EM - Expelling Moiré

HDR - High Dynamic Range

One-click, Plug and Play

The one-click endoscope connector simplifies the connection and disconnect before and after endoscopy.

Full Touch Screen Operating System

The full lamination touch screen offers more transparent and enhance the display performance, also you can access to main function by one touch. Besides, the 10° tilting screen provides easier screening and interaction.

USB Storage

Functions include one click photo, video recording and auto-storage. You have option to store in premium, high, middle and low image quality for photo and video storage. The system can be connected to USB to meet your needs of clinical evidence and further academic communication.

Durable, Long Lifespan

STS-400 Endoscope Cold Light Source

LED Light

We offer high color temperature, high luminous flux and high color rendering LED light source, but with low energy consumption and long lifespan, which greatly reduces the cost of medical provider.


color temperature


luminous flux


adjustable brightness levels


noise of the whole machine

Next-Generation 4K Camera Head

Camera Head
Auto focus

One-click Focusing

Lens components can focus quickly in 0.5 seconds with one click

Multi-Lens Versatility

You can use one camera head to meet full-screen display need for laparoscopy, and can also use it to meet round-screen display need for urology, gynecology, ENT etc.
Camera Head

Four Buttons for Control

Auto focus camera head supports 8 different configurations,such as auto focus, intraoperative photography, video recording, and screen freezing with one click.Standard camera head supports 7 different configurations, such as intraoperative photography, video recording, and screen freezing with one click.

Broad Compatibility

The open international standard C-port design is widely compatible with different brands and models of endoscopes.

Multi-Lens Versatility

Medical HD Monitor