4K Fluorescent Endoscopic Camera System


VARYNA STK-300 4K fluorescence endoscopy imaging system. The system offers double display of 4K fluorescence and white light images, multiple fluorescence colors (blue, green, black and white, purple), and supports various surgical scenes (arthroscope, laparoscope, hysteroscope, uroscope, and user-defined). It includes advanced features like WDR, digital desmoke, and vascular enhancement. The system allows for multi-screen display of different images, dual-endoscope viewing, and real-time streaming for immediate assessment.

Full Link True 4K@60FPS
BT.2020 Wide Color Range

The 4K resolution is 4 times of full HD.
Tiny blood vessels, tissues,
and fascia are rendered finely.

BT.2020 standard now covers the largest color space of dispay devices.
It increases the color depth from 8 bits to 10 bits.
which enables clearer images in clinical applications to
observe capillaries and outline of lesions.
Identify tissue borders such as the junctions of fat, nerves and blood vessels.

Enhance Details Of The Overlay Area

The exclusive two-channel image fusion algorithm accurately
identifies fluorescaent areas and presents clearer detail,
ensure better recongnition of details once difficult to identify.

Advanced Technology in Pixel-Level Six-Axis Fluorescence Fusion

Pixel-Level AA high-precision six-axis control machine Ultra-high Precision Image Stereo Registration Algorithm Avoid image ghosting and displacement caused by dual-path image fusion Precisely overlay of the fluorescence images

"2D + 3D" Denoise Algorithm Without Fluoresecnece Drift

Strict control of the dual exposure time self-innovation “2D + 3D” denoise algorithm Effectively solve common problems such as fusion smear caused by long exposure time of fluorescence channel in Fluorescence dual-channel fusion images

Image Processor

Steady Transmission module with optical isolation
Full link image transmissionpowered bt double 4K sensors
Support 12G-SDI output and 12Gbps single-wire transmission