L Series Orthopedic

For Application In Thoracic Surgery.

ST-S6002 Oscillating Saw

For cutting bone during articular (knee & hip Joint) surgery.


• The primary components are constructed from high-strength stainless steel. • Weighs less than traditional NI-MH batteries, promoting excellent maneuverability and reducing wrist fatigue.
• Capable of withstanding autoclaving at temperatures of up to 135°C for sterilization.. •Equipped with an imported motor for superior performance.
• Features a 3000mAh lithium battery for enhanced power and extended operating periods.


  • 1 handpiece
  • 1 charger
  • 2 batteries
  • 2 battery aspetic transfer rings
  • 5 saw blades
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 Aluminum case
Main Technical Data
Hand piece Output power 150W
Temperature rise ≤25oC
Charger Input Voltage AC 110-220V, 50-60Hz
Voltage 14.4V
Battery capacity 3000mAh
Battery feature Lithium Battery
Charging time Two hours
Non-loading frequency 0-18000cpm
Non-loading noise ≤75dB (A)
Swing angle 4±0.5°
Saw Blade – Special Dimensions
Total length* Cutting length Thickness
50*13 0.8 STB 08-50-13-QX
45*32 1.2 STB 12-45-32-QX
30*10 0.5 STB 05-30-10-QX
28*58 1.0 STB 10-28-58-QX
Saw Blade – Effective length:90 mm
Length*Width Thickness
90 X 24 0.8mm
1.0mm STB 10-90-24-QX
1.2mm STB 10-90-24-QX
90 X 22 0.8mm STB 08-90-22-QX
1.0mm STB 10-90-22-QX
1.2mm STB 12-90-22-QX
1.27mm STB 127-90-22-QX
90 X 19 0.8mm
1.0mm STB 10-90-19-QX
1.2mm STB 10-90-19-QX
1.27mm STB 127-90-19-QX
90 X 13 0.8mm STB 08-90-13-QX
1.0mm STB 10-90-13-QX
1.2mm STB 12-90-13-QX
1.27mm STB 127-90-13-QX
Saw Blade – Effective length:70 mm
Length*Width Thickness
70 X 24 0.8mm
1.0mm STB 10-70-24-QX
1.2mm STB 12-70-24-QX
70 X 22 0.8mm STB 08-70-22-QX
1.27mm STB 127-70-22-QX
70 X 13 0.8mm STB 08-70-13-QX

ST-S6002 Oscillating Saw